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Grasses of Canada, the U.S., and Mexico

Project Managers: Mary E. Barkworth, J. Gabriel Sanchez-Ken, Garrett Billings, and Sandy Long (Editors)
OpenHerbarium is being used to reconstruct a website equivalent to, but better, than the old Webmanual site. Until we obtain funding, progress will be slow. The initial focus is on making resources from the two FNA volumes on grasses available but In December 2018, Sanchez-Ken agreed to allow us to share data from his checklist for grasses of Mexico (Acta Botanica Mexicana 126) via OpenHerbarium and to work jointly on the site. For now, those working in Mexico will be able to see the grasses of the country as a whole and for each state plus illustrations, images, and descriptions from those taxa also known from north of the US-Mexican border.
Research Checklists
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