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Somaliland: University of Hargeisa Campus
Authors: Mary E. Barkworth, Ahmed Ibrahim Awale, Helen Pickering, Garrett Billings, Faisal Jama Gelle
Citation: Barkworth, M.E., A.I. Awale, H. Pickering, G. Billings, F. Jama. 2017+. Plants of the University of Hargeisa's campus
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Families: 31
Genera: 67
Species: 81
Total Taxa: 85

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weed in one of the areas designed for grass
With Opuntia monacantha, in waste area, Unknown
source: HARG000277
source: HARG000057
source: HARG000055
source: HARG000056
weed in one of the areas designed for grass
source: HARG000066
source: HARG000276
Cultivated in small hedges around grassy areas
source: HARG000100
Waste areas, Common across campus, On large side but only slightly; Faisal Gelle 133 [University of Hargeisa]