Aloe scobinifolia G. Reyn. & Bally
Family: Asphodelaceae
Aloe scobinifolia image
Lavranos, J.J. 1995. Flora of Somalia 4: 38
Plants acaulescent, solitary or forming small groups. Leaves 16-20, to 30 cm long and 7 cm wide, curved-ascending, lanceolate, rather thick, rugose, olive-green; margins cartilaginous, without teeth. Inflorescences 60-70 cm tall, branched; branches erect, naked below, the flowers in a dense, subcapitate, terminal cluster; bracts about 8 mm long, 2 mm wide; pedicels 15-18 mm long. Flowers red or yellow, nutant; perianths 22-25 mm long, 9-10 mm wide across the ovary, cylindric-clavate, outer tepals free for 9-10 mm; anthers exserted 3-4 mm; stigma exserted about 5 mm; ovary about 6 mm long, 2 mm wide, pale green.

Aloe scobinifolia grows on stony gypsum flats ith dwarf shrubs and grasses or on rocky, arid, limestone slopes at elevations fo 1100-165 m.  It is known only from regions N2 and N3 of the Flora of Somalia.  

©The Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Reproduced with permission.