Aloe hemmingii G. Reyn.
Family: Asphodelaceae
not available
Lavranos, J.J. 1995. 4: 36
Plants stemless, solitary or in small groups. Leaves about 10, 10-12 cm llong, 3-4 cm wide, lanceolate, spreading, shiny dark green with numerous elongated white spots; teeth about 1.5 mm long, 5 mm apart, hard, triangular, dark brown.  Inflorescences simple, to 40 cm tall, racemose, flowering portion about 15 cm long, cylindric, with wel spaced flowers; bracts about 8 mm long by 3 mm wide; pedicels 6-8 mm long. Flowers redish pink, pendulous; perianths  abut 24 mm long, 8 mm wide across the ovary, outer tepals free for 8 mm; anthers exserted 2-3 mm; ovary  about 5 mm long, 2 mm in diameter; stigmas exserted 3-4 mm.

Aloe hemmingii grows in semi-deciduous dwarf scrub on limestone at 700-1000 m elevation. It is known only from regions N1 and N2 of the Flora of Somalia.

©The Trustees of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Reproduced with permission.