Aloe albovestita S. Carter & Brandham
Family: Asphodelaceae
Aloe albovestita image
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew  
Lavranos, J.J. 1995. 4: 37
Plants acaulescent, forming small groups. leaves 20-30, up to 12 cm long, lanceolate, spreading, glaucous green, longitudinally striate with a few indistinct pales spoint on the upper surface; margins narrowly cartilaginous with red-brown teet; teeth about 1.5 mm long, 5-10 mm apart. Inflorecences to 75 cm tall, with 2-3 branches; branches erect, cylindrical to subcapitate in outline, flowers well-spaced; bracts about 15 mm long, 3 mm wide; pedicels to 18 mm long; flowers  dull pink with a very pronounced bloom; perianth cylidndric, with a pronounced basal swelling, 25-33 mm long, 7 mm wide across the ovary, abruptly constricted to 4.5 mm wide above it, outer tepals free for about 7 mm; anthers and stigma hardly exserted. 

Aloe albovestita grows in Juniperus forest and on shady, limestone rock faces at 1400 to 2000 m. The Flora of Somalia reported that it was known, at the time of publication, from region N2 of the Flora and Djibouti.

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