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Pakistan's Plants and Fungi

Project Managers: Mary E. Barkworth

These checklists come from research in Pakistan. The regional checklists are being used to build a checklists for Khyber Pakhtunkwa and for Pakistan as a whole. The Pakistan checklist also draws from records cited in the Flora of Pakistan but not all such records are in OpenHerbarium. Images for some of the taxa cited in the checklists are in the network. Any checklist can be viewed in image format by opening it up, then checking the appropriate box in the yellow tool panel that will be on the top right and then rebuilding the list. If you wish to share a checklist, please contact me (mary.barkworth [at] and I shall send you instructions both for creating them and for making them available.

Initiated July 2015; most recent update Dec, 2023.
Research Checklists
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