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University of Hargeisa Seed Collection (University of Hargeisa-HARG-S)

Sources for seeds of Somaliland's native plants are hard to locate, particularly seeds of species not considered "important". The Somaliland Biodiversity Foundation is promoting the establishment of native species on campus but, to make this possible, it is first necessary to develop a seed source. Seeds in this collection will be imaged the primary purpose in collecting them is to help increase the number and proportion of native species on campus and to encourage research on their germination, growth, and establishment. The Foundation's ultimate goal in establishing the seed collecting is to promote an increase in Somaliland's plant cover, primarily by species native to Somaliland or its immediate neighbors. Such an increase will promote Somaliland's ability to resist the effects of climate change. Many, but not all, of the seeds are documented by voucher specimens in HARG.
Contacts: Mary Barkworth,
Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
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