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Intermountain Herbarium of Utah State University (USU-UTC)

ecords in this database are of the vascular plants in the Intermountain Herbarium. Records for fungi, lichens and bryophytes are now being posted to the taxon-specific networks. The geographic focus of the Intermountain Herbarium is the Intermountain Region of western North America but its holdings come from many different countries. It even has one or more specimens from each of the seven continents. The collection is particularly rich in the Scrophulariaceae (traditional sense) and grasses, including voucher specimens of plants used by by the late D.R. Dewey in his cytogenetic studies of the Triticeae.
Contacts: Mary Barkworth,
Collection Type: Preserved Specimens
Management: Data snapshot of local collection database
Last Update: 2 June 2020
Digital Metadata: EML File
Rights Holder: Utah State University
Collection Statistics
  • 34,542 specimen records
  • 22,424 (65%) georeferenced
  • 5 families
  • 274 genera
  • 1,470 species
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