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Flora of Pakistan (FoPK)

The Flora of Pakistan is a multi-volume work, started in 1971 at the University of Karachi and now nearing completion with Drs. S.I. Ali and M. Qaiser as lead editors and, since 2000, help from the Missouri Botanical Garden. Each treatment includes specimen citations. The records in this "collection" come from these citations. Each record is georeferenced but only to center of the 2 degree grid given for that record. The uncertainty is 293,295 m so the maps only provide a very coarse grained distribution. Anyone interested in refining the georeference information should contact Dr. Mary Barkworth, Utah State University, who is overseeing the incorporation of these invaluable records into this web site.
Contacts: Mary Barkworth,
Collection Type: General Observations
Management: Data snapshot of local collection database
Last Update: 3 October 2018
Digital Metadata: EML File
Collection Statistics
  • 32,185 specimen records
  • 31,538 (98%) georeferenced
  • 31,452 (98%) identified to species
  • 126 families
  • 1,010 genera
  • 3,119 species
  • 3,418 total taxa (including subsp. and var.)
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