OpenHerbarium is for herbaria in African and Asian countries without a national network. It draws attention to their collection while enabling collaboration in developing resources such as taxon pages, dynamic, research and teaching checklists, and identification keys. The site uses Symbiota, open source software that is in active development.

Membership in OpenHerbarium is free. Herbaria wishing to contribute should contact Mary Barkworth. Individuals need only click "New account" to get started but some tools need special permissions. To obtain an ability you do not have, ask Mary Barkworth.

The nomenclatural backbone for vascular plants comes from various floras, for fungi from Index fungorum. The family treatment for vascular plants is APGIV. Synonymy relationships of many names have not yet entered. If a name is missing, please send information about it to the Mary Barkworth.

Other questions? Contact Mary Barkworth.

Site managed by Mary Barkworth and Curtis Dyreson, Utah State University.