OpenHerbarium enables herbaria and taxonomists to collaborate in making specimen data available and in building resources such as taxon pages, checklists, and identification tools. Data from the site can be downloaded without charge for use in other programs but users are asked to credit the network and/or the collections involved.

The website uses Symbiota, open source software available on GitHub and designed to encourage collaboration among natural history collections and those who work in them. For an example of a mature Symbiota web site, go here. Tutorials on how to use Symbiota sites are provided here.

The nomenclatural backbone for plants has come from floras and the Plant List. There are only a few plant families that are globally complete. Others will be added as resources permit. The synonymy relationships of many plant names are not yet reflected in the backbone. Fungal names have not yet been added.

Questions (including questions about how to link a herbarium to the site)? Please email mary.barkworth [at]